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FRUiTS issue no. 204 pg 13
Fashion Designer Linda Hao

FRUiTS issue no. 204 pg 13

Fashion Designer Linda Hao

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TUNE issue no. 113 pg. 27
instagram: motoharumiwa

TUNE issue no. 113 pg. 27

instagram: motoharumiwa

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Sorry for randomly popping but I’m going to announce something quite exciting!

My blog Concrete Culture (www.concreteculturemagazine.tumblr.com) is going to have a little promo/exhibition party with a new line called Snobbed (by creative director Yvonne Rosa)

where: Philippe Restaurant, 8620 Wilshire Blvd
            Beverly Hills, CA 90211

when: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2014 @ 7-10pm

Free drinks and appetizers!

Bring friends! I want to meet all of you!


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I’m writing this post regarding my magazine and blog, Concrete Culture(if you don’t know what it is please check it out @ concreteculturemagazine. tumblr. com)

I’m currently searching for people who live in the LA area who would be interested in being a part of the zine! In other words, I’m looking for “hunters”! AKA Street style photographers.

If you’re interested, please message me with the following information:

-Your Name

-Samples of your photography[(at least 3, would be great) just a reminder: you don’t have to be the best professional photographer on earth, I’m just looking to see if you have the basic skills to take a good photo)

(***It is imperative that you own a DSLR or SLR camera, however***)

*important* -Your eye for style. This is very difficult to determine but is essential for good street style shots. Good street style photos starts from the photographer. You must be capable to spot a worthwhile subject. Following trends and wearing the latest Nasty Gal clothing is not necessarily good enough for a street style photograph, you must be able to spot people who have personal style that comes from within(hint-how they carry themselves down the street).

For me to determine your eligibility you must have:

           -A blog. Show me your tumblr, your personal blog, whatever you want but it must showcase your taste. 

           -Photos of yourself. Your personal style shots; I wanna see who you are.

That’s it! It would be so much fun to recruit a couple people! Let’s put LA on the map for fashion! :) Thanks for reading!

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Tune Magazine Japanese Streetstyle 2005-2007


Tune Magazine Japanese Streetstyle 2005-2007

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dhndhn-deactivated20130821 asked: your hair is killer, b

why thank you :d

mothcub asked: Looks like you're a posing pro ;)

hahaha :x

kimorebii asked: Your blog is simply beautiful.

thank you :)

j-j-jonesy asked: Oh my god I love your blog and your styles amazing. Move to new York?

I would like to visit NYC one day!